2020 Projects

Visa Analytics Platform - Mobile

Since joining the Visa team, I have taken it upon myself to start the VAP web-to-mobile integration. Although it was not an ask, in my spare time, I enjoy mocking up the UI/UX for the Mobile Application. I eventually hope to pitch the integration here in April 2020. 

2020 NFL Super Bowl LIV - Miami

In December of 2019, I was design lead for the NFL designs going into the Miami this year. From stickers (.gif) for snapchat to 10ft x 8ft wall clings, I assisted on the production and overall creative output for Super Bowl LIV in Miami this year. 

Chase MTA "Tap to pay" Promotion

In December of 2019, I was the lead designer on the Chase MTA “All Hands” promotion. Objective of the promotion was to inform consumers about contactless payments being introduced to the NYC Metro. Design assets created were: interactive banners, social media productions large-scale prints (environmental).

2020 Olympics - Tokyo

In January 2020,  I assisted on the animated productions introducing the USA team. The designs overall consisted of dynamic animations (After Effects), social media posts and digital advertisements for various channels.

I am . Designer

2020 Visa Canada Card Mock

In mid-December our team was approached by our Canada team with a difficult problem at hand. Their digital wallet was showing the Canada “interac” debit/credit card duplicated in the UI/UX wallet view when making a purchase. The duplication was due to in-country purchases and out-of-country purchases. Our team took on the task of being able to differentiate the two in the digital wallet.

NFL Ertz "In it to win it" Campaign

In November 2019, I took art direction on creating and curating the design aesthetics for the Ertz “In it to win it” campaign. I was responsible for curating creative both digital and print: interactive banners, website and mobile wireframes.

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